New collection of gel paints «EMi» «Nude Cashmere” is available now !




New collection of 10 natural colors of gel paints «E.Mi» «Nude Cashmere” – the first of three collections  for the season 2013/2014 designed by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko.




Noble Nude colors business lady exquisite fashionistas:

Ideal for design on short nails and plain surfaces;

Prepared complex colors (each of 4-5 pigments);

Good hiding power, rapid polymerization time;

Sold in a set or separately.


Try ” Chamois “, ” Persian chiffon ” on the tips of your nails. Add to complete this masterpiece fascinating colors ” Irish cream “, ” Spicy cinnamon “, ” Almond “, ” Sangria “, ” Watermelon Splash “, ” Coral Reef “, ” Love Is In The Air .”
Colors  gel paints of  collection «E.Mi» « Nude Cashmere ” envelop your  perfect image !



You can buy a collection of color gels   «E.Mi» in the set and by the  piece  on all authorized sell points  of the brand , and on  online shop

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