New collection gel paints «E.Mi» « Glam Lady ” is available now !


New collection of 10 luxury feminine colors of gel paints  «E.Mi» « Glam Lady ” – the second of three collections designed by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko  for the season 2013/2014 .

« Glam Lady ” – a collection of colors gel paints  E.Mi 10 shades from  Ekaterina Miroshnichenko :

glamlady                  • luxurious feminine colors for  create a unique romantic images.

• perfectly with bright lipsticks , suitable for monophonic coatings and  elements for design.

• Finished sophisticated colors (each obtained from 4-5 pigments)

• Good coverage, rapid polymerization time

• Selling in a set or separately.




Create a holiday atmosphere, selecting the color from the collection of gel paints  «E.Mi» «GlamLady»: « Blueberry Rum “, ” Lavender martini “, ” Liqueur de Lychee “, ” Daiquiri “, ” Campari “, ” Cosmopolitan “.

Emphasize your unique image of femininity flowers romantic “Hollywood ,” ” Pink Cadillac “, ” Pin -up “, ” Baby-Doll.”

Collection of gel paints  «E.Mi» « Glam Lady ” emphasize your trendy perfect image !


You can buy a collection of color gels «E.Mi» « Glam Lady ” in the set and  separately in   all authorized representatives , aand on our e-shop


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