School of Nail Design provides to  all students upon graduation course certificate with the original hologram and a unique number . The official representative of the school in all regions also provides the same certificates . This assures for the  students that the training conducted by qualified instructor . Having trained in the regional centers , you can check the validity of your certificate by number or your name . The database is regularly supplemented by employees of the central office.


Course title
101.09.2013Iryna GorbunovaArt Painting – Basic CourseNew Zealand
205.09.2013Iryna GorbunovaColor Gel Design – Basic CourseNew Zealand
306.08.2013Olga SealeArt Painting – Basic CourseNew Zealand
406.08.2013Olga GankeArt Painting – Basic CourseNew Zealand
52-3.08.2013Velika Ilieva 25Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
62-3.08.2013Inna. Fostieri 26Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
72-3.08.2013Alla eliseeva 27Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
82-3.08.2013Julia Kukulenko 28Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
92-3.08.2013Simons philippou 29Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
102-3.08.2013Athinoulla Theoklitou 30Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
1112-13.01.2013Kelesidou Nona 37Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
1212-13.01.2013Abu Samra Katsouti Suzana 38Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
1322.01.2013Velika Ilieva 40Cracket effect - courseCyprus
1427.01.2013Zosimova Tatiana 41Cracket effect - courseCyprus
1531.01.2013Tkachuk Olga 42Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
1609-10.02.2013Helen Charalambous 43Complicated floristic- courseCyprus
1709-10.02.2013Kelesidou Nona 44Complicated floristic- courseCyprus
1814-15.02.2013Irene dalitou 45Barbies outfits- courseCyprus
1920-21.02.2013Lazar Elena 46Complicated floristic- courseCyprus
2022-23.02.2013Lazar Elena 47Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
2104-05.03.2013Elena Matoli 51Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
2206.03.2013Elena Matoli 52Reptiles- CourseCyprus
2307.03.2013Elena Matoli 53Cracket effect - courseCyprus
2415.04.2013Elena Matoli 79Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
2516.04.2013Velika Ilieva 80Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
2614.05.2013Katerina Constantinou 89Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
2714.05.2013Helen Charalambous 81Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
2809-10.05.2013Diana Panayiotou 82Art Painting – Basic CourseCyprus
2908.05.2013Nona Kelesidou 85Cracket effect - courseCyprus
3027.05.2013Oxana Steliou 84Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
3127.05.2013Yana Akopyan 83Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
3227.05.2013Galaktionova Natalia 86Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
3327.05.2013Daria Marina 87Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
3427.05.2013Arina Shevchenko 88Liquid stones and Velvet sand- courseCyprus
3524-25.07.2013Solomovich Olga 99Colored gels- Basic CourseCyprus
3603-04.10.2013Eugenia KlingArt Painting – Basic CourseGermany
3705-06.10.2013Eugenia KlingColored gels- Basic CourseGermany
3805-06.10.2013Reimer OlgaColored gels- Basic CourseGermany
3908.10.2013Olga SealeColored gels- Basic CourseNew Zealand
4008.10.2013Olga GankeColored gels- Basic CourseNew Zealand
4110.07.2013Mina KazemzadehaslArt Painting – Basic CourseNew Zealand
4210.07.2013Irina GruykanovaArt Painting – Basic CourseNew Zealand
4312.07.2013Irina GruykanovaColored gels- Basic CourseNew Zealand
4412.07.2013Mina KazemzadehaslColored gels- Basic CourseNew Zealand
4516.07.2013Mina KazemzadehaslComplicated floristic- courseNew Zealand
4616.07.2013Irina GruykanovaComplicated floristic- courseNew Zealand
4707.08.2013Irina GruykanovaBarbies outfits- courseNew Zealand
4807.08.2013Mina KazemzadehaslBarbies outfits- courseNew Zealand
4909.08.2013Mina KazemzadehaslComplicated abstraction- courseNew Zealand
5009.08.2013Irina GruykanovaComplicated abstraction- courseNew Zealand
5114.08.2013Irina GruykanovaReptiles- CourseNew Zealand
5214.08.2013Mina KazemzadehaslReptiles- CourseNew Zealand
5315.08.2013Mina KazemzadehaslCracket effect - courseNew Zealand
5416.08.2013Irina GruykanovaCracket effect - courseNew Zealand