Dear visitors,

If you have some questions about studying or schedule please contact our manager  in Prague tel. +420773208276,



8 Responses to Studying

  • BeautySpot says:

    Good afternoon.
    I would like to know if I can register on your site to buy some stuff gel.

    I wait your feedback.
    Adriana Ion.

    • Ksenia says:

      Dear Adriana,
      no need to register.
      You are able to make your order without any registration.
      In the end you will fill in all the data about you that we will be able to send you the parcel.
      If you have some questions, please contact

  • Eva Colonova says:

    Aka je cena skolenia?

  • Maria Michelis says:

    Здраствуйте Ксения!Прешлите мне пожалуста цены на роспись ногтей.Спасибо ьольшое!

    • Ksenia says:

      Добрый день,

      все цены у на представлены на нашем сайте в каталоге.
      Одна книга стоит 700 крон.
      За подробной информацией Вы можете обратиться на

  • Pavinda Udonsilp says:

    I want to learn the nail designs But I’m in the US. Do I buy dvd? Book? And how to do the new metallic jewelry design?

  • Olivia foo says:

    hey, wondering is the text book or the DVD tutorial come with English?
    cus Im in Malaysia. any reccommendation for me as a beginner? what shd I do or buy to learn at home?


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