Issue number 8 Nail Design. “Design for short nails”

EUR 18
CZK 450


Issue number 7 Nail Design. “Enamel on gold”

EUR 18
CZK 450


Catalog, “enamel on gold,” collected exquisite designs in the spirit of jewelry. Fashionable and stylish color combinations, popular and exquisite designs that imitated the precious enamel jewelry.

Each nail design represented in the catalogue as the overall composition and detailed image, that enables read design easy.

All designs in the catalog “enamel on gold”, made ​​in the same original technique of the Ekaterina Miroshnichenko . Undergo “Enamel on gold,” is available at all training centers of official representatives of the School of Nail Design Ekaterinas Miroshnichenko.

Catalog for beauty salons Catalog Nail Art & Design by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko

EUR 40
CZK 1000


Catalog is designed to masters in Nail Art services and helps your clients to choose more comfortable nail design.

  • More than 150 individual designs. From daily to exclusive, from the author’s classics to the latest fashion trends
  • Pricing system. The proposed system allows you to expand into components and accurately assess any design.
  • Price list for each design. Each photo is accompanied with labels to indicate the cost of design in your salon.
  • English version. For European users the catalog is fully translated into English.

Issue number 6 Nail Design. “Liquid stones and Velvet sand”

EUR 18
CZK 450

Catalog “Liquid stones and Velvet sand” illustrates in detail designs according to the author’s technique. High-quality photos will pick up the design of any complexity, and the catalog will be a great help for nail artists in work with the most sophisticated and demanding clients.

Issue number 5 Nail Design. “Wedding design”

EUR 19
CZK 475

Catalog “Wedding Design” was created specifically for the masters of nail service and is dedicated for preparing the bride for a celebration. The catalog contains options for Nail Art, made by different techniques – acrylic stucco, craquelure effect, imitation of reptile skin, nail art painting, design, made with color gels, author’s Nail design course “wardrobe for Barbie,” “Sophisticated flowers.” Also catalog includes three master-classes about creating a wedding Nail Art.

Issue number 4 Nail Design. “The effect of craquelure”

EUR 18
CZK 450


Issue number 3 Nail Design. “Reptiles and glamour”

EUR 18
CZK 450


Issue number 2 Nail Design

EUR 18
CZK 450